ELI 128 NV-PA1

Agricultural and industrial sector.

Diameter: 350-780 mm.

Blade: glass-fiber reinforced nylon 6 (NV) - PA1 - Nr. 3/6.

Working temperature: -20°C + 90°C.

Six different inclinations are possible: 20°-25°-30°-35°-40°-45°.

Blade shape and structure: as the blade base is subjected to many torsions and recoils, it has been specifically reinforced and shaped to fit the hub precisely. Elivent fans are thus safer, more resistant to breaks and less noisy than similar products on the market.

Elivent fan performance curves have been designed based on tests carried out by means of a drilled pipe set at the fan outlet. The tests are in full compliance with the UNI ISO standards.


  • Performance curve