ELI 258 AL-7-REV

The REVERSIBLE impeller purposed by Elivent is designed for drying brick system, wood drying system and cooling tower.

Same airflow capacity in each rotation sense.

Blade: UNI-EN-AB 46100 aluminium alloy (AL) - PA7-AL - qty. 4/8.

Diameter: 500 mm.

Elivent blades have a special shape to produce an even air flow both in the outer and central part of the fan. This shape also contributes to limiting fan noise.

Six different inclinations are possible:  20° - 25° - 30° - 35° - 40° - 45°.

Elivent fan performance curves have been designed based on tests carried out by means of a drilled pipe set at the fan outlet. The tests are in full compliance with the UNI ISO standards.


  • Performance curve