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Sistema anti-brina ELI-BRINA


Sistema anti-brina ELI-BRINA

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, that is why ELIVENT has brought out a new product.

The anomalous wave of bad weather together with a temperature drop of many degrees below the zero causes frosty vineyards and orchards. Several degrees below the zero at nighttime and no wind lead to severe damages to sprouts. However not all plants react to frost in the same way.

At best only leaves are affected by frost and the cluster is not; at worst the main sprout dies and brings to an irreparable damage on pro-duction. Frost (frozen and crystalized dew) rises up to 2 meters from the ground damaging the plants.

The frost -free system ELI-BRINA must be switched on before a given temperature, that is 2 degrees above the maximum harmfulness thre-shold.

All kinds of grape including table grapes cultivated with crop canopy and fruit trees (kiwi, peach trees, cherry trees and apple trees) may be treated with ELI-BRINA frost-free system. It is a pioneering device, whi-ch does not interfere with plant fruit cultivation, even the shortest one.

ELI-BRINA is a moving ventilation system designed to protect agri-cultural crops from the frost. It consists of an iron support frame with two opposed ELI 220 fans (one on each side); they measure 1400 mm of diameter and are composed of 4 aluminium blades (undergoing a peculiar oxidation process) which are enclosed in two safety nets. Each fan is powered by a hydraulic motor 8 cc and a gearbox. The full system is powered by the tractor pump.

The warm air exiting from the exhaust pipe is directed horizontally towards the plant; it protects the plant and prevents damages cause by the frost. The system is provided with a lter for particulate matter.