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Eli S33

Ventilation unit for phitosanitary products distribution.

Eli S33

This device refers to a unit for the focused distribution of phytosanitary products on agricultural crops, suitable toallow the local and homogeneous spraying on di erent kinds of crops both vertically and horizontally.

In order to grant the correct e ectiveness of some phytosanitary products, it is necessary to distribute the prod- uct in a precise and homogeneous way and, usually, more localized on the fruiting area. Distribution units cur-rently on the market hardly manage the localised distribution on speci ed areas, therefore, this new modular dis-tribution unit has been developed to allow the supply on two di erent areas located in di erent spaces. Thereby,

it is possible to use the same distribution unit on tented crops, pergola crops, rows crops or also on horizontally developed crops. This distribution unit should be combined with a spraying unit made of tank, pump and regula- tion devices.



The goal of this product is to optimize the distribution of phytosanitary products on the fruiting area, especially on tree crops, avoiding the dispersion of product on not interested areas, on the ground or on the atmosphere. This way, it is possible to limit the use of phytosanitary products and reach only interested area, limiting costs,pollution and in the meantime, granting the treatment e ectiveness.