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christmas 2019

Christmas 2019

Our offices will be closed from 21st of December 2018 unit 6st of January 2020 included. Merry   ...


Ventilating unit for spraying vineyards and orchards - WITHOUT DRIFT

This innovative group, has a vertical rotary system that guarantees a higher air speed (32 m/s) at low rpm (750 rpm), maintaining a lower absorption (11 Kw) than the classic atomizers and towers. Ventilating unit for the agricultural crops treatment, supported by a metal frame placed at the back of a cart driven by an agricultural vehicle, placed near a barrel or tank. The atomizer comprises a cylindrical body which internally defines the seat for a centrifugal fan whose shaft is vertically oriented. Thanks to an independent system of dampers manually adjustable through a lever it...

Eli S33

Ventilation unit for phitosanitary products distribution.

This device refers to a unit for the focused distribution of phytosanitary products on agricultural crops, suitable toallow the local and homogeneous spraying on di erent kinds of crops both vertically and horizontally. In order to grant the correct e ectiveness of some phytosanitary products, it is necessary to distribute the prod- uct in a precise and homogeneous way and, usually, more localized on the fruiting area. Distribution units cur-rently on the market hardly manage the localised distribution on speci ed areas, therefore, this new modular dis-tribution unit has been...

Sistema anti-brina ELI-BRINA


“Necessity is the mother of invention”, that is why ELIVENT has brought out a new product. The anomalous wave of bad weather together with a temperature drop of many degrees below the zero causes frosty vineyards and orchards. Several degrees below the zero at nighttime and no wind lead to severe damages to sprouts. However not all plants react to frost in the same way. At best only leaves are affected by frost and the cluster is not; at worst the main sprout dies and brings to an irreparable damage on pro-duction. Frost (frozen and crystalized dew) rises up to 2 meters from the...